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Dissemination activities

The dissemination of results covers the entire duration of project activities and is the most delicate phase of any Erasmus + project: it enables people to take advantage of all the experiences of the training course to gain concrete and profitable impact also in organizations and communities of the project participants and coordinator.

For “Inclusion” the proposed dissemination activities are as follows:

  1. to disseminate all materials produced in the various workshop and to raise awareness among the participants to share the emotions, experiences and skills developed during the training days;
  2. To promote a virtual network between project partners in order to share the materials and skills of each one in order to carry out a joint dissemination program through social networks, websites and press releases;
  3. strengthen the international network of the ERASMUS + program and publicize the funding of the European Commission and its actions for the development of the training sector;
  4. Ensuring the transfer of good practices and the capitalization of results at the end of the project between the participants and the members of the various partner organizations;
  5. To offer broad visibility to the project in general, its idea and its activities



Prendendo spunti o arricchendosi di nuove idee che possono formare la base per nuove idee progettuali sia a livello locale che internazionale.

LKL Association is responsible for the implementation of web-based dissemination: LKL created a logo of the project, the posters of the two final public events and this space-blog on website.

In this area you can find the project logo, evaluation reports, paperwork produced, training modules, images and videos of the activities carried out to enhance the approaches to non- formal education in working with young people and to serve as a starting point for anyone who will be interested in.

This space will also be maintained for the two years following the end of the project, so it will also allow those who do not participate directly, other associations, youth centers or youth groups, to become aware of the activities, goals and methods used in Inclusion taking inspiration or enriching new ideas that could form the basis for new design ideas both locally and internationally.

As you can see from this blog, our dissemination strategy has been agreed by the partners and defined by the course participants in the dedicated workshop on May 31st, in which they have not only shared ideas and good practices but also revised the planned strategy on the base of personal and direct commitment to the realization of one or more workshop in their own community.

The two public events realized in the last days of “Inclusion”, the theatrical performance and the photographic exhibition, represent the launch of dissemination activities.

In order to evaluate the actual capacity of these dissemination activities, we have prepared some methods to verify and measure the results:

  • press reviews;
  • access monitoring to the website;
  • recognition of attendance at the events open to citizenship;
  • continuous monitoring of space-blog information requests and contacts of all partners by other associations to carry out similar activities.